Friday, 20 June 2008

Will it? won't it?

Finally Treasury Holdings have revealed their plans for one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Battersea Power Station is the biggest brick building in Europe and apparantly was only destined to stay up for 60 years. Originally there were only 2 chimneys - looks odd huh!

I went to an exhibition inside the building last year and it is only when you go in do you get a sense of how awesomely big it is. You have to hope these plans will be realised. With the walls exposed this is probably the last chance before it finally falls down. The conspiracy theory is that the owners are playing a game of pass the parcel - hoping the building is condemned while they own it - so they can pull it down and use the land as they wish. I have a better feeling about these owners. They have a track record of serious urban regeneration. I think they are serious. What do you think?



Daniel said...

I think it looks great! You forgot to mentin the best part the buildings name... THE ECODOME!

Anonymous said...

The tower is taller than canary wharf and will be the greenest building in London - allegedly. And the power station is going to be producing pwer again - but this time with bio-fuels.

Anonymous said...

so what's it going to be? Flats and retail? I think it should be an art centre? The should be brave and do a tate modern on it. These buildings belong to all of us, not just the London rich.

Anonymous said...

I think they should give the whole place over to the battersea dog home and save the lives of millions of poor strays a year.

OK it would be noisy and smelly but hey, we don't know anyone who lives next door, do we?