Thursday, 31 July 2008

Experiential beauty

To make the relaunch of Marc Jacob's perfume, Daisy, this experiential flash website has been put together. The idea is you sign up (and give all your data away) and in return you get a daisy. In order to release content, you have to 'grow' your flower everyday by playing a series of games. Your daisy lives on a field full of other people's flowers so you can see the community growing in a very visual way. Such a pretty way to get data capture and integrate a community.

The reports in the last couple of days claim social network owners are struggling to make a profit from their platforms even though social networking sites are a huge consumer success. This site shows how brands can become part of communities in intrinsic and organic (sorry) ways without consumers feeling they are encroaching on their personal spaces.

Click here to add your seed.

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Anonymous said...

lovely idea. links won't work though...