Thursday, 3 July 2008

Jelly Madness

What? Architectural Jelly Banquet

Where? Round the corner at UCL, £5 entry

When? Tomorrow evening

More details please!
Clad in jelly costumes, performers will dance around an altar containing 1000 specially commissioned jellies. No really.

Other entertainment includes jelly soundscapes, jelly projections, jelly wrestling and the Architectural Jelly Design Competition. Doesn't actually say if you get to eat the stuff.

Dress code: Dress as a trifle or dessert

Find out more here



Anonymous said...

this is amazing. It's one of the madest things I've ever heard of. Who's in?

Pink said...

This looks amazing I'm THERE! Can you actually dress in jelly though I am confused!

Anonymous said...

I think that demands mandatory attendance!