Monday, 7 July 2008

From the pockets of babes....

While M&S has just reported a nasty downturn in trade (this isn't an ordinary slump, it's a M&S slump etc), online retailer ASOS is going great guns, with trade almost twice what it was this time last year. And not simply because of the growth in online shopping.

The key difference is the customer - ASOS attracts a younger shopper. And, only 3% of 18-24's claim to borrow to finance their lifestyle. So they're the last people to be hit by the credit crunch. So while everyone else tightening their belts, the younger shopper is buying new designer ones.

Makes you wonder whether any of our brands should be thinking about this age group. Targettted jewellery collections? Is it an opportunity for charities? Or a drinks brand? Any thoughts?

Dan H

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bushmills pitch, space and filofax all spring to mind