Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Interesting results on people’s behaviour which really taps into a zeitgeist:

A ten-year study has found that people who procrastinate are more like to be less healthy, and less happy.

One in five are diagnosed as a ‘chronic procrastinator’ meaning they are more likely to have weaker immune systems, and to suffer from depression, lower self-esteem and insomnia. Nice.

The finger of blame is pointed towards new technology such as mobiles, ipods and BlackBerrys which make ‘self regulation’ harder. The study also shows the problem is increasing.

Life-coaches and psychotherapists suggest the solution lies in tackling little behaviours, such as putting a dirty cup into the dishwasher. Once that’s under control, people can start thinking on a larger scale.

A large part of regaining control may be ensuring the home is calm and under control. But it seems people also need to radically change their approach to life in general. Thoughts?

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