Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Google rocks

Google - the near ruler of absolutely everything - are launching a nice tool for planning media spend and looking at where your audience is online. The adplanner tool will be free though a gmail account. The good news is it incorporates information about millions of websites from over 40 countries. The bad news is only US demographic information is supported right now - UK info is coming soon.

What's interesting about it, is all those media planning and buying agencies who charge an absolute fortune for "expertise" will now be exposed. All those freebies and contra deals will dwindle while clients can access proper info. It's the equivalent transparency issue online faced when google analytics was launched.

It launches on the 15 of July, but if you want access to the beta version, email me.

Here's some more info.

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Drew Byrne said...

All this good news is also bad news. But what's also being sold here that is so important to promote? That's what "Googlers" want to know!