Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Brand Bubble

The Brand Bubble from Brand Bubble on Vimeo.

I heard about this on a blog called Brand New. Brand Bubble is a book by a couple of people from Y&R who are arguing that Wall St overvalues comanies by overvaluing their brands. It was this that caught my attention:

"They go on to argue that the exceptional brands that are valued by consumers have a common trait. They are seen as having energy and momentum. That's a powerful conclusion as it challenges a lot of the assumptions that underpin brand management, marketing and communications. It argues that consistency is a false idol; change, momentum and energy matter more."

Sounds pretty familiar, particularly in terms of the conversations we've been having about our creative brief.

It might just be a bit of credit crunch bandwagon jumping (if you can imagine such a thing). The authors claim that this bubble is twice the size of the subprime mortgage market, which sounds a bit scary.

Here's the microsite, see what you think for yourself.

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