Thursday, 16 October 2008

Everybody's talking about: The Wholesome 1940's

Not the bit about the war and the blitz but the wholesome, practical clean living side of the 40’s. Village fetes (or Brunswick Fete’s), home baking (Patten’s Cakes); knitting; Woman’s Institute, allotments, burlesque, afternoon tea and stripping parties; Dig for Victory vegetable plots in St James’s Park; steam train trips; Real Ale for its wholesome goodness and low level of alcohol; and A.L. Kennedy’s novel Day winning the Costa award.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, and I think dixieland, swing, big band and jazz are on their way back too. We've been wearing tea dresses for a while and Roland Mouret dresses (figure hugging pencil skirt dresses) have graced catwalks and highstreets for seasons.

I was thinking about all these trends - the one that hasn't bounced back in awhile is the future trend. We did the jetsons in the '70s and the supernatural in the '90s - maybe we're due for another future/ space trend. Especially now the space race is back on.