Monday, 20 October 2008

Everybody's talking about: Craftsmanship

This is about developing skills and interests that take time, focus and concentration. It could be specialist sports like rock climbing or learning how to play a musical instrument. It could also be DIY art; gardening, cooking, knitting or going on teaching holidays. Essentially, craftsmanship is the opposite of everything that is instant and fast about modern culture. It is a need for authenticity and uniqueness. Perhaps the story of the Hang gets to the heart of this trend. The Hang is a musical instrument designed in 2000 by two blokes in Switzerland. It has recently been popularised a bit by the Portico Quartet (the busking jazz band who were shortlisted for the Mercury Award. You can’t buy a Hang in the shops; if you want one you need to write a letter to the designers requesting an appointment to go to Switzerland to choose the right hang for you.

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