Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Let's face it, despite the parable, we all judge books by their covers. Good design can make a book much more attractive or put you off something with amazing content - think of the recent trend for re-reading the classics, mostly because Penguin did a retro redesign and a range of celebrity designed covers. Unfortunately though, book covers more often than not betray the content within. Some really good books get lost because of their appalling covers, and more disturbingly, bad books get on the bestseller's list because of clever covers. Anyway, in combat, a Canadian blog put out a call for people to redesign their favourite book covers with some interesting results. I especially like the Waiting for Godot cover. The Guardian have just opened a competition on the same them. Maybe we should do some entries. Mail to

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Anonymous said...

I just sent through Bill Bryson's 'Shakespeare'!