Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Everybody's talking about: Hedonism

The trends have so far been all a bit too goody-two shoes. We should remember there is a wilder, darker side to our culture. While liberal-minded middle-class graduates swot up on DIY art techniques, the full on, having a laugh and loving every minute of it working class kids are starting riots all weekend on a town centre near you. We are after all the nation of binge drinkers with our standing room only mega bars; the “buy one get two free and women drink for nothing” booze promotions; four-day stag and hen weekends; booze cruises and binge holidays.
Its not just booze, we love the shagging too. After the liberalisation of the licensing laws, every town now has its own lap-dancing club to join the Anne Summers on every High St. We have dildo’s in Dixon’s; pole dancing exercise classes and never ending sex every night on TV.
Drugs? Bring them on! Pills and coke cost next to nothing, pure MDMA and Ketamine are everywhere and spliff isn’t even properly illegal anymore, is it? And lest we think it is just a working class thing remember that the fastest growing group of problem drinkers in the UK are middle class, middle aged wine drinkers knocking back bottles of cheap 15% proof vimto every night. As a nation, a large proportion of us are out of our heads all the bloody time.

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