Friday, 21 November 2008

"Blogging as a marketing tool is easier when you think of it as a chemical catalyst, not as a hammer and nail."

I was referred to this blog last night by one of the guest speakers at my last IPA session. It belongs to a self proclaimed professional blogger who works as a consultant providing insight into how blogging can effect advertising and marketing practices. Tying in with a previous post on our blog, he has set up the Microsoft blue monster blog that aims to facilitate an open relationship both with their employees and customers.

Perhaps even more noteworthy is his work for a S.African wine company Stormhoek. He claims that by utilising the blogsphere he has increased sales of their wine from 50,000 cases in 2005 to 250,000 in cases 2007. Check out his blog for more details, it’s definitely worth a read.

Think this is one worth adding to the blog roll...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I heard the stormhoek story earlier this year. It was brilliantly simple, he sent bottles out to some established bloggers and they were under no obligation to blog about the wine. A lot of them did though, and sales doubled.