Thursday, 13 November 2008


Meet Daniel Jenkins. Only 23, running his own retail business and already included on Courvoisier’s ‘The Future 500’ list. This is a list of Britain’s brightest stars of the future generation, all motivated and determined to push themselves to achieve success in their business and social life (read a summary of the launch here). Inclusion on this list is an impressive achievement for someone with a business only a year old, in this rocky economic climate, in retail! It shows what the power of having a strong understanding of your brand and place within a market can do.

He doesn’t advertise. His name is solely built through word of mouth, bloggers, and pestering the go-to people in the fashion industry until they recognise the worth in his business. And it’s working.

The selling point for Daniel Jenkins Ltd. is the fact that he is the ONLY shop in Wales to sell the labels he does, and in many cases the only shop in the UK to sell them. He has such a fervent belief in British fashion that in S/S ’09 he will only be stocking British labels.

Without a hook, Daniel Jenkins would be just another menswear shop in a tiny town somewhere in Wales but thanks to a passion verging on obsession at times, a keen eye, and a recognition that networking counts, he has managed to land himself a place on such a prestigious list. (That and a smattering of help from a certain little sister. Ahem.)


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