Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BlogScotch 2: Cozy Powell on vinyl

This is lovely. Found it on magic nihilism. Nothing happens, it just plays to the end. But doesn't it look beautiful?


Anonymous said...

too many people think the web is about saving time. they are wrong.
it is about wasting time. said...

True, Al.

But you have to admit, as a waste of time this is an almost perfect example.

It's just the music that spoils it/makes it a little more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Surely its about both. There are so many things that people use the web for. Some are for entertaining themselves, you could argue wasting time. Some are for getting to a quicker solution - saving time. For example, I've just bought a load of Neil Gaiman books from Amazon - saved me loads of time prowling the bookshelves in Waterstones, only to find that they don't stock them.