Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Do people watch ads when they are fast forwarding?

A client asked the other day if ads were less effective now because they are being fast forwarded. This study reported in The Economist suggests that actually people concentrate harder when they are using the fast forward button instead of ignoring ads as they used to! For best effect though the brand has to be placed in the centre of the screen. There is no time to have to find it on the screen. Should we make all our TV now so they work on fast forward?


Anonymous said...

All my friends have sky+ now and everything seems fastforwarded to skip the adverts quicker. If I saw an ad that was made to play realtime whilst being fastforwarded, I'd think that was amazing. That, or just chuck a press ad on tv for 30".

Anonymous said...

I think the gimmick would be good once, but I do think there are some lessons we have to learn here about format - logo middle of the screen, search terms up for long enough, the importance of a picture tells a thousand words.