Thursday, 20 November 2008

BlogScotch 5: Last of Vividians

OK, i got a bit stuck in the last blog because there was no blogroll to hop from. I rummaged around in his Last.FM friends list and his delicious page but to no avail. My breakthrough came today when Tom (remember, he is Tom too or 2) very helpfully posted this link to the Vividian Design Movement. Now, i had heard of Light Greens (green is the new black types) and Dark Greens (back to the dark ages types) but I had never heard of Bright Greens. Bright Greens believe that the planet can be saved by better design, new technologies and innovation. I like the sound of this lot.

Anyway, the Vividians are among the original bright greens. Or were. For this site is their reuquiem: "After the years transpiring – various disasters, wars, financial collapses and a major change in political tone – the world has become a different place.It remains only to close the Viridian episode gracefully"

I did like this piece of par though: "I strongly recommend that you carry a multitool. ...It's a set of possible creative interventions in your immediate material environment. That is why you want a multitool. They are empowering."

anyway, he also mentioned something called Steam Punk...


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this is a book, not a blog. Can we have an edited highlights please! Thanks.