Thursday, 27 November 2008

BLOGSCOTCH 9: obituary

next up is Spitting Image . Unfortunately this blogger has died, here is his obituary:

John was a long time contributor to News of the Weird, coconspirator and eventually primary blogger behind, and the author of the original and brilliant Overheard Starbuck. Readers of this blog knew John as a generous sharer of information and a keen observer of American culture, and anyone who had the pleasure of receiving his e-mail valued him as a wise and honest friend. John was proud of the accumulation of this site, which shall remain, a spark of light among the constellations. I will dearly miss him."

Kind of sad but glad I came across it.

Overheard Starbuck is worth a look. It does exactly what it says on the tin and is full of gems like this:

"He had motive and opportunity."
---"And you have a tv set on which you watch cop shows. Seriously--who the hell talks like that?"

and this:

"It's almost like not being in a cult at all."

I love that.

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