Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Picture recognition technology

Just read an interesting article in marketing magazine. As part of the new promotional launch of the Fiat 500, Fiat are using picture recognition technology to boost traffic to its mobile site. Consumer will be invited to use their mobiles to take and send photos of its national press ads to receive product information via a text link to the mobile internet. A banner ad on Sky's mobile site will also direct customers to the Fiat 500 wap site.

The technology is being supplied by Snapnow. Their service allows images to instantly become hyperlinks, allowing consumers to interact with brands, advertisements, or products the very moment they are interested.

Dont be deceived by the cheesy youtube video below, this stuff is "brilliant. Definitely the way things will be going" (Dent, E. 2008)


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Anonymous said...

this is brilliant. A natural progression from the Nike ID campaign from earlier this year. Minority Report becomes more and more a reality every day.