Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Geek Chic

If anyone out there has a fetish for cool T-shirts a new boutique fashion label has launched called I am Colin - inspired by geeks. Prints include a cassette tape being wound by a biro, a y-fronts and cross bones logo and a guy with a caravan head.

A bit of insider info for you guys - The site's soundtrack was created as a joke on a speak and spell and since the site's launch the designer has been contacted by a London club to do a guest DJ performance! Very Nathan Barley

The T-Shirts are available only online currently, but will shortly be out in various trendy London boutiques.

And as a shameless plug, all the shots for the AW08 campaign and the site were shot by me on a very funny Sunday a couple of weekends back.

check it out at


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