Thursday, 27 November 2008


This ad is one of the most effective things I've seen in a long time - thought-provoking, challenging and, crucially, makes you act straight away - especially when it comes to digital execution.

As well creating a brilliant advert, Barnado's and creative agency BBH have thought about how the digital execution can work alongside the TV, and how technology can enhance the idea. As an industry first, The Guardian have agreed to host full-page HD video across their Society and education sections. The speeded up sequence repeats itself until you click on the ad - or until you intervene - giving the user real experience of how they can help. Et voila - ideas you can do!

Additionally, as soon as the ad was screened, chat rooms exploded with discussions about whether it was appropriate or effective. If Barnado's were clever, they would have had a team of seeders at the ready answering questions and powering the conversation to further propell the message.


Anonymous said...

Have you given anything to Barnado's yet?

Surely that's the test of how effective it is.

Anonymous said...

I agree that's the hard measure, but most people don't see something and act straight away (give me a chance, I only saw this an hour ago!). These things need time to sink in. The most important thing is it has had an effect on me and now when I think about who gets my charity money this year, Barnado's will be on the list.

Anonymous said...

I don't think an instant donation is the test. The ask will come later and elsewhere in the campaign. The role of these executions is to get you into a frame of mind where you understand the need to give and are prepared to consider doing so.