Monday, 3 November 2008


“The Holy Grail for advertisers is positive word of mouth and online is a brilliant place to find it.” Al Young, The Guardian, 03/11/08

Having sat on the bank of the www. world for the last few year’s, St Luke’s has now submerged itself. But in true St Luke’s style, not content to be a laggard, we’ve jumped into the future – surpassing the banner straight into the land of community.

And today we’ve been recognised for our vision. The Guardian’s Internet Advertising supplement feature’s Al as a talking head on the front page and a further two articles profiling our vision and our work.

Commenting on the Content and Community Department, New Business Director, Liz Little said: “Calling it a digital department suggests digital marketing is ‘bolted on’. Because of the new focus on audiences, we look to create communities and conversations around brands online.”

She added: “There’s been a massive sea-change to the perceived wisdom in the last five or ten years, but a lot of clients still come in talking about ‘advertising’ and wanting a 30-second TV ad.”

Creative partner, Al Young talked about the influence of digital technology on St Luke’s work: “All of our investments in marketing for our clients are now online. An online presence helps create a community and that can create content as well as sales, so the whole investment washes it face.”

A mosaic of Magic Good Mood Film images highlights the impact building a community and asking for contributions can make for your brand. Space NK and Ikea also get a mention.

To get the whole thing, ask Daniel or Roy for a copy. Well done everybody.

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