Friday, 7 November 2008

Gates and Seinfeld Ad

what do you all think?


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I think that if this is viewed in isolation, as is potentially a risk with todays fragmented comms, then it could look like a vain attempt to rejuvenate the microsoft brand by making two aging "celebrities" fool around.

However, if this is part (and I expect it is) of the whole rebrand/repositioning of microsoft as conveyed in their recent TV ad then it works as a clever bit of auxiliary advertising, helping to reinforce the change in corporate mentality at microsoft, and reflects a much needed shift from a techy/square company to one which takes itself a little less seriously and everyday people (not your corporate monkeys) can engage in.

Unknown said...

The first aim of any Crispin campaign is to get people talking about the ad. So it seems to be a success. The only real question is whether people outside of the tech world will be talking about it.Naturally, those in the techie bubble think the work is aimed at them. However, it is really aimed at everyone out there whose warm feelings about Microsoft are only challenged by their warm feelings towards holding their breath till they suffocate.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Microsoft say that the two Seinfeld/Gates ads were an 'icebreaker' to get our attention before the real campaign broke. Now they're running their 'I'm a PC' stuff. It feels a bit like BA having a pop at Virgin. What's the point of being the market leader if you surrender the high ground? said...

i don't this is targeting apple fans. i think it's making people with m.soft feel stop feeling embarassed about it - it's an anti-attrition thing. al