Wednesday, 19 November 2008

An unscary spider

Up in Liverpool at the weekend I came across this amazing spider, designed as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations by an artist called Ai Weiwei, who collaborated on the design of the Bird's Nest stadium amongst other things.
Its Web of Light is suspended between the buildings of a pedestrianised square in the middle of the city and has been drawing the crowds in recent weeks.
Unfortunately the body wasn't fully lit when I was there so click on the link to see the spider in its full glory...

A couple of streets away and even more astonishing is the spinning building described as “the most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK”. In a derelict former Yates' Wine Lodge, sculptor Richard Wilson cut out a large section of the front and through the magic of mechanical engineering, has rotated it on a pivot like a huge opening/closing window. See Turning the Place Over in action here...

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Anonymous said...

Loving these, I hate it when artists try to provoke thought and hide meaning in their projects. I almost always get it wrong.

These are just good ideas, well executed to stunning effect. Good work fella/missus.